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admin Agile Consultant and Coach, DSDM Advanced Practitioner and trainer. Specialist in Agile project and programme management, project governance and organisational transformation.
Agile Project Governance
First a brief background. Shortly after I started working on agile projects here, we began to realise that there were things that we were forgetting to do. Some were little things but others were quite important and had an impact on the business. One…
Agile CMMI – an oxymoron?
CMMI generally has a pretty poor reputation amongst… well everyone except the process geeks. It is generally perceived as bureaucratic, pedantic, heavyweight and ultimately ineffective. So you can imagine my joy when my boss recently said we have been…
Arguably the most powerful tool in the agilists kit is the regular retrospective. Done properly, these short meetings can have an amazing effect on a team's effectiveness. This article by Lyssa Adkins emphasises why it is so much better than just…
Genesis – user stories
I was thinking of starting this blog with a rambling story about what I do and a potted history of how I came to be doing what I do. But then I read an article this morning that gave me a better idea. It is this article on the origins and purpose of…